Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hunome?

Welcome to Hunome. Hunome lets you explore how humanity works by creating visual mind maps that you share and connect with others.

What is a Spark?

A Spark is a visual representation of a thought, idea, perspective that you or others have on how humanity works.

What is a Spark-on?

A Spark-on is when you read a Spark and are inspired to write your own Spark. You Spark-on and this connects your thoughts to the one you just read. This is what makes the connections on the Spark Maps.

What is a Spark Map?

A Spark Map is a visual map of a Spark and all the Sparks it is connected to via other people creating Spark-ons. This is your way of creating and exploring visual maps of connected ideas, thoughts and perspectives.

What is an Ignite?

An Ignite is a human context or value that you can donate to a Spark. Think of it as your ability to rate or provide a richer context to a Spark you are reading. The set of Ignites available will also grow over time to provider richer human contextualisation opportunities.

What is Kudos?

Your Kudos is a 360 degree representation of humanity's reflection and reaction to your activity.